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Town of Tazewell Police Department Accreditation

In August of 2006 the Tazewell Police Department went through an assessment conducted by Virginia’s Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. The program is run by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, which is composed of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. The goal of accreditation is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth through the delivery of services; to promote cooperation among all components in the criminal justice system; to insure the appropriate level of training for law enforcement personnel; and to promote public confidence in law enforcement.

The Virginia Law Enforcement Accreditation Coalition (VALEAC) is an organization composed of law enforcement personnel directly or indirectly involved in Virginia law enforcement accreditation activities. Membership is by agency and can be applied for by contacting the VALEAC Treasurer. Agencies pursuing accredited status through the VLEPSC process are highly encouraged to participate in the VALEAC programs.
VALEAC also conducts quarterly meeting and an annual Spring training conference. Assessors for the VLEPSC program are drawn from the Coalition, and receive formal training through this group.
VALEAC maintains an interactive web site that can be accessed by invitation only. For information on the web page, contact VLEPSC staff at the Department of Criminal Justice Services.