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Town Council Meeting August 2016

As part of the Town of Tazewell’s ongoing efforts to keep area citizens involved and up-to-date, the Council section of the website will now feature videos of the Town Council meetings starting in January 2016. The videos will typically be made available within 24-48 hours after the meetings, and can be found here, with the latest meeting shown at the bottom of the page, and a history of prior meetings shown in a list on the side/bottom of the page under a Council Meetings header.

The August 9, 2016 Town Council meeting agenda can be viewed here.

Mayor Donald Buchanan presented Town Manager Todd Day with a recognition letter from Senator Mark Warner to congratulate the Town of Tazewell for being named one of the twentieth safest communities statewide:


Shawn Durham, new CEO of the Four Seasons YMCA, updated the Town Council on the YMCA’s goals and new programs, thanked them for their continued support, and presented the Town Council members with badges as part of the current YMCA support campaign.


Larry and Claudine Blankenship then thanked the Town Council on behalf of their family for Council’s support for the community and for their continued leadership in the positive direction they have steered the Town.


And, Town Manager Todd Day unveiled plans for relocating the recycling bins and dumpsters to the lot beside of the Town of Tazewell EMS on Steeles Lane.



Full video of the August 2016 Town Council meeting: