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Town of Tazewell Police Department Mission


The mission of the Tazewell Police Department is: To protect the life, individual liberty and property of all people within the Town of Tazewell, Virginia




The Vision of The Tazewell Police Department is to provide progressive, professional law enforcement services to the Town of Tazewell recognizing that public safety begins with a strong bond with the community in which we serve.




The Tazewell Police Department philosophy and values reflect a modern, quality law enforcement concept involving every member of the police department.

The Tazewell Police Departments leadership at all levels reflects the agencies commitment to a strong work ethic, while valuing diversity, promoting effective learning and enhancing and maintaining flexibility.

All members of the Tazewell Police Department will be courteous and professional in enforcing and abiding by the laws of the town of Tazewell, Commonwealth of Virginia and the Constitution of the United States.