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Business Incentives Table

A quick guide to Tazewell and Virginia incentives, along with their applicable fields:



(A) Recycling Tax Credit   X    
(B) Worker Retraining Tax Credit X X X  
(C) Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit X X X X
(D) Green Job Creation Tax Credit   X    
(E) Refundable Research and Development Expenses Tax Credit   X    
(F) Port Volume Increase Tax Credit   X    
(G) International Trade Facility Tax Credit X X    
(H) Barge and Rail Usage Tax Credit   X X  
(I) Property Tax Incentives X X X X
(J) Sales and Use Tax Exemptions   X X  
(K) Enterprise Zone Job Creation Grants   X X  
(L) Enterprise Zone Real Property Investment Grant X X X X
(M) Foreign Trade Zones X X    
(N) Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Grant   X    
(O) Virginia Jobs Investment Program   X X  
(P) Virginia Investment Partnership Grant   X X  
(Q) Major Eligible Employer Grant   X X  
(R) Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Grant Program   X    
(S) Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority X X X X
(T) Virginia Small Business Financing Authority X X X X
(U) Meals Tax Refund (MTR) X      
(V) Real Estate Grant (REG) X X X X
(W) Business License Fee Abatement (BLFA) X X X X
(X) Rehabilitated Real Estate Tax Exemption (RRETE) X X X X
(Y) Lodging Tax Refund (LTR)       X
(Z) Economic Development Access Program   X X  
(AA) Tobacco Region Opportunity Fund   X X  
(BB) Governors Opportunity Fund X X X  
(CC) Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund     X  
(DD) Rail Industrial Access Program   X X  
(EE) Technology Zones   X X  
(FF) Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Development Fund X X X  

*Retail establishments include: Shopping centers, food and beverage industries, pharmacies, gas stations, & pawn shops.
*Professional establishments include: Doctors, attorneys, financial institutions, hair salons, and repair services.
*Wholesale establishments include: Manufacturers, and bulk stores.
*Transient Occupancy establishments include: Hotels, and bed and breakfasts.

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Incentives Table

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